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lovelyn valenzuela from philippines wrote on September 1. 2004, 02:05:

E-mail: miggy_lv at
hello there better late than never right? I'm happy for the both of you!! Congrats and Best wishes!!!

ghie brocka - Murray from Philippines wrote on August 27. 2004, 13:21:

E-mail: ghiebrocccka at
so happy for you CONGRATULAAATIONS!!!!

luis b. llaneta from Philippines wrote on August 3. 2004, 07:23:

E-mail: luis.llaneta at
Congrats! ate Carmi & Rich,
We wish and pray for your bountiful blessings, fulfilled husband-wife relationships, we are looking forward na makasama namin kayo dito sa manila.
God Bless You!
Luis, Macel & John David

Todd Evans from USA wrote on July 3. 2004, 13:58:

E-mail: seatodd at
Rich and Carmi,
I am so happy for you two. I cannot wait to meet Carmi and see you again, Rich. Josh is looking more and more like you, Rich.
I will pray fervently for you two and your marriage. I read and studied Song of Solomon recently, and as I did, I thought of you. The Lord, I believe, showed me some things that I am not used to hearing regarding those seven songs.
Your friend for life,

helen rojo from Philippines wrote on June 29. 2004, 04:27:

E-mail: helen_rojo at
hi ate carms.
musta na ka diha hows life now i know happoy ka ngayon musta mo ako sa asawa mo nangusta din si dai wilma God bless you and have a pleasant day to you and to your husband.

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Belen Agullo from Philippines wrote on June 10. 2004, 08:54:

E-mail: belenagullo at
Congratulations to both of you! To Carms, be happy in your new-found world! you deserve all the happiness that you've missed for long. To Rich, you are blessed for you have found a loving, kind and a good wife. Please take good care of my friend. I love her so much!

Marlyn Guiuan from USA wrote on June 7. 2004, 17:32:

Just want to send our congratulations to the newly weds. We are believing with you that all your needs will be met.
God bless you as you embark on the miracle of God's love in your life.
Pastor Priam and Sis Marlyn Guiuan
WIN-Los Angeles

jing and luchi arcinas from USA wrote on June 7. 2004, 11:30:

E-mail: earc111258 at
Congratulation! and God Bless..

Prewelyn Salvador from USA wrote on June 6. 2004, 22:24:

Congratulation on ur Wedding Day.God bless both of U,

Jhona B. Lualhati from USA wrote on June 6. 2004, 22:16:

E-mail: jhona274 at
Sis. Carmi,
Hello,how life of a new housewife?.Congrats SISTER U MADE IT!!!!!!.
ok till nxt nlang coz ders a s2rbo here.
It's mhe,

amada quilaneta from USA wrote on June 5. 2004, 21:02:

Carms I'm very happy for you I wish you the best in life
God has given you the greatest love of all a good husband.
May all your dreams be filled with happiness.And I hope you
and Richard live a wonderful life together as husband and wife.
God bless both of you and have a great wedding.

susan esguerra from Philippines wrote on June 5. 2004, 08:56:

E-mail: dvmsansue at
I have always asked the Lord to guide me in everything I do. I am glad that you, Rich and Carmi asked the Lord to guide you in finding the person you would be sharing your life with. Congratulations! May God be with you always.

Merlina Mateo from Australia wrote on June 3. 2004, 20:29:

E-mail: mml at
Dear Carmi & Richard
Congratulations and I wish you all the best blessings!
God Bless you abundantly
Ate Merly

lou belle lazar from Philippines wrote on June 1. 2004, 01:34:

adopt me!!!!he! he! he!
hope to see you soon!God bless you always! you're cute huh?!
take care always!
that's all for now...
To Uncle Richard, welcome to our family...

Alvina Mae ''AM'' Quilaneta from USA wrote on May 31. 2004, 22:35:

E-mail: juicyfruit20012001 at
I wish you two a great marriage.And I also hope you guys
have a great wedding this coming of June 19.And whenever times
are tough I hope you two work it out together as one.Take
Care and I hope you two have a happy and wonderful marriage

Lito Magbanua from USA wrote on May 29. 2004, 19:49:

E-mail: kabugwason at

Hi Carmi,
Praise the Lord for what He is doing in your life.
I wonder for a while where you are right now. We hope
to be able to touch base with you and Rich.
May the Lord richly bless your life together.
In Him,
Lito and Helen Magbanua

Reanna from USA wrote on May 29. 2004, 15:37:

E-mail: spunlie at
Richard, I just caught my type-o using "labors" that should be "laborers"...Actually, they both work! Reanna

Valerie Hahler from USA wrote on May 29. 2004, 15:28:

E-mail: perkie at
Best wishes and halleluah! Keep God #1. Looking forward to meeting Carmi. Love in Christ, Valerie

Reanna Thatcher from USA wrote on May 29. 2004, 15:01:

E-mail: spunkii at
What wonderful news with great rejoicing in heaven and on earth! May God open His window from heaven and pour out on you more blessings than you may imagine!!! May this be a joining of the Proverbs 31 woman and the Ephesians 5 man! Together, may you be the devil's worst nightmare! Look out! The labors of the harvest have arrived and are a force to be reckoned with, in the power of Jesus' name and walking in the Spirit! Carmi, welcome to the missionary field of Capitol Hill, and The House of the Breaker! You have unmet friends who are glad you are here, and are eager to support you in warm arms. Reanna

sis lourdes from USA wrote on May 29. 2004, 13:51:

E-mail: lgmateo55 at
sis carmie nd pstr. richard,
May your marriage vow shower with God's blessings. Godbless you always and your family. Hope to see you all soon.

khay mateo from USA wrote on May 29. 2004, 13:47:

E-mail: gudlilkat at
ei tita carms nd pstr.richard,
CONGRATULATIONS!!! may God bless u more n more. more power n blessings on your family. Godbless u always!!!;p

Lourdes Mateo from USA signed the guestbook on May 29. 2004, 13:43.

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edgar banaga from USA wrote on May 28. 2004, 15:44:

E-mail: edbanaga at
Richard and Carmi,
Congratulations! You are a gift from God to each other.
May you cherish your moments together as you continue to
love and serve Him.
Edgar and Rosana Banaga

Ptr. Ferdinand R. Consebido from Philippines wrote on May 28. 2004, 03:55:

E-mail: ferds72 at
Congratulations!!!May the Lord fill you with all of His
love and blessings. I hope we could be there to celebrate
with you your very special moment in life. We will continue to pray for you.
By the way, let us just celebrate with the brethren here
when you come home in Dulag. Best Wishes.

Theresa R. Lua from Philippines wrote on May 28. 2004, 01:17:

E-mail: theresarlua at
Hi Carmi! What a pleasant surprise! I'm so happy for you!!
Richard, you have found a great woman of God. Please take care of Carmi.
I wish the two of you all the best. Together may you touch many more lives.
Theresa "Baby" Lua
Academic Dean
Alliance Biblical Seminary

Pastor Rick & Barb Jacobs from USA wrote on May 27. 2004, 19:09:

congratulations....look forward to seeing you both when you get Home...

Abe & Tras Afanes from Philippines wrote on May 27. 2004, 15:09:

E-mail: lovelytras at
Dear Carmi & Rich,
Our expression of hopes and good fortunes for both of you is upper most and overflowing in our hearts, may the roads leads you to at least where life is easy somewhere east of the sun and west of the moon.
We'll keep on praying till you both reach there, Good Luck.
With our best wishes and love.

Bel Alamag from Philippines wrote on May 27. 2004, 04:13:

E-mail: registrar at
Dear Carmi,
What a great surprise! Am so happy for you, Carmi. I knew
something wonderful was brewing when I have not been
hearing any news from you at all.
Rich seems to be a man who loves and fears God. He is
surely God's's best for you. The Lord really rewards those
who wait patiently for Him and for His will. Truly, this is
His prefect time for both you and Rich.
God bless you, Rich, and your life together.
Love in Christ,

raymond from Philippines wrote on May 27. 2004, 03:08:

E-mail: radomingo at
kaw ha! wala man lang balita from yuo and you'll get married na pala
hope you can email us here , we are all glad for you

Janeene from USA wrote on May 27. 2004, 00:10:

E-mail: ispecialangel at
Dearest Richard: You have been a blessing to so many and been there for so many, I can't begin to express what a blessing this news was to my ears. You've helped me during times when I felt no one else was there.
Carmelita: Such a wonderful and beautiful name for such a beautiful person. I'm so glad that my dearest brother in Christ could have someone that would be a true blessing to him. That you are and much, much more.
I pray for you both, that GOD's hands are always upon you, that the ministry HE has set forth for you both will come alive and be the best anything has ever been or would be.
I pray that things will all be laid out in front of you and your paths are clear. May the Lord touch you, guide you, lead you and touch and fill your hearts with so much love.
Blessings to you both!
Janeene G.

Mickie Endfinger from USA wrote on May 26. 2004, 20:26:

E-mail: mickie43 at
Blessings upon this marriage and future together.
Thank You, Almighty God for suppling all the needs
of this family.
Continue to watch over them and guide their paths,
wherever You want them to trod.

EMMANUEL A CARSON from Philippines wrote on May 26. 2004, 14:52:

E-mail: emzheen at
The link above goes to an image I created for Rich & Carmi to congratulate them.

name from USA wrote on May 26. 2004, 00:02:


Alvin C Lazar from Philippines wrote on May 25. 2004, 04:58:

E-mail: alvinlazar at

Congratulations and best wishes... They say " Married in June Life will be one long honeymoon..

Jovel Mateo from Philippines wrote on May 24. 2004, 19:55:

E-mail: cma at
Tita Carms,
Sa wakas answered prayer na! Hope na mapakilala mo sa amin ng personal.

Mimi Orbida from Philippines wrote on May 24. 2004, 19:52:

E-mail: tcma at
Congratulations my friend! You both look great and happy together. I am happy for you now that you found God's will for you after waiting for 30 years.

Elmer Gutierrez from Philippines wrote on May 24. 2004, 19:49:

E-mail: elmertgutierrez at
Congrats!Ngayon ko lang nalaman malaking paghanga mo kay Dennis Maves. Kamukha nya asawa mo.

Arlene C. Ang from USA wrote on May 24. 2004, 16:21:

E-mail: Agemarlene at
Dearest Ptr. Richard and Sis. Carmi,
Peace greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I just want to greet you both a Happy Blessed Wedding Day. More blessings, favors, increase and good health come to you both in Jesus Name!
Praise God findly what He joined together let no one put to sanders. I'm so bless to you, Ate Carmi. Looking forward to meet Ptr. Richard one of this day.
God bless you both always.
Love and Prayers,
Sis. Arlene

Joshua Dover from USA wrote on May 24. 2004, 15:30:


mariton alon from USA wrote on May 24. 2004, 12:52:

E-mail: mariton99 at
Can I write here again, I know that this is a documentary of Richard and Carmi's love story. As I read the love story I was so excited how the Lord move's in our lives. I became very close to Carmi because the Lord made us to be. She was my covenant prayer partner and every tuesday we always meet and pray at my apartment. When we pray we just allowed the Holy Spirit to take charge, and when the Spirit of the Lord poured out words from my mouth, the man that God had prepared for Carmi is a man who will be like her shepherding the lost souls. Restoring the lives of the people that satan had stole and caring for them. Carmi cares for those who are under drugs,alcoholism and s*x. And I partner with her in this ministry but I never stopped praying for that promises that God gave for her. When she told me about Richard and his ministry, I knew in my heart that it is him, the man that we prayed for. Last January I could not stopped crying when Carmi asked me to pray with her about Richard and that's it. I am not suprised when she said that she is getting married because it was already said and we cannot break what the Lord had promised. To Richard and Carmi, you are a love story made in heaven. I love you both and rest assure you will see me often in Seattle.

Mariton Alon from USA wrote on May 24. 2004, 12:27:

E-mail: mariton99 at

jayar lazar from USA wrote on May 22. 2004, 03:26:

E-mail: jayarskisilver at
congratulations!!! may God's grace and purpose continue
to lead both of you to a blessed life and victorious
ministry in years to come.
God bless,
I never knew of the May 20, 2004 wedding day, all along
I know it will be somewhere in July. Anyways, congratulations

Martin Huber from USA wrote on May 20. 2004, 23:43:

E-mail: jesusfreak6767 at
I have not yet met you carmi but I know if pastor likes you then you're awesome.
Pastor I like the spontaneous way you got married, I guess you didn't want Carmi to get a chance to bail.
Anyways, I hope you have a great marraige and I can't wait to see the new and improved Pastor Rich,
(complete with a wife and maturity, batteries sold seperately)

Myrna Noyes from USA wrote on May 18. 2004, 14:40:

E-mail: myrobnoyes1 at
Congratulations and God's continued blessings to you both! I enjoyed reading your wedding details and future plans. Thank you for sharing them!

Donna M. Rudiger from USA wrote on May 17. 2004, 15:32:

E-mail: w567333 at
Well Richard......I see once again God has made a decision
for you with blessings beyond your expectations (Ephesians 3:20)
I am currently recooperating from knee surgery and hope to be
back on my feet in time to attend this blessed event. I will
stay in touch! God Bless You Both as you minister and become
one before the Lord!

Sonia McAbee from USA wrote on May 17. 2004, 00:47:

E-mail: divinedancr at
God Bless you both. I know Carmelita must be one special heaven sent angel. Once again showing how much God loves Richard and Carmelita. You will be a dynamic soul winning team. I know what a blessing it is to be married to a Soul Winning Warrior for Christ, my Jesse. We love you both. Sonia McAbee,Divine Dancer,your friend

Mary McInnis from USA wrote on May 16. 2004, 20:15:

E-mail: mcinnis at
Congrats! I am so happy for you both! No wonder no one has heard from you lately. God Bless, Mary

chris & lilia Bignell from Australia wrote on May 16. 2004, 08:43:

E-mail: cjbignell1 at
What a great God we serve! God has provided Adams rib! Praise God! We are praying for you both as you enter into an exciting time of your life. God's Blessings. Chris and Lilia. P.S. Turuan mo sya ng mahal kita !

Liz Godfrey from USA wrote on May 15. 2004, 21:21:

E-mail: liz4him2 at
Dear Richard and Carmie, May God richley bless your marriage. I'm very excited for the two of you and know that this is from the Lord. He put you together and what God has joined nothing can come against it. God's plan is much better than the plans we make. I wish I could be there for your wedding. Know that I am there in spirt smiling at the both of you. My love to the both of you. Robert my brother also sends his blessing. Liz

Linda Fitzgerald from USA wrote on May 15. 2004, 21:14:

E-mail: linda_fitzgerald at
Dear Richard and Carmi: I wish you both every happiness in everything God finds for you to do as individuals and as a couple. There is no greater blessing in all the world than to be part of a three stranded cord that is not easily broken. It would be wonderful for you to have everyone who signs this book to be at the wedding but, hopefully, there will be a good representation of those of us who love you in Washington at your reception. Much love for the future. Yours in Christ. Linda

Tes Lomibao from USA wrote on May 14. 2004, 17:45:

E-mail: secretf9 at
I pray that you will cherish one another forever !!!!

Al Foxx from USA wrote on May 14. 2004, 16:13:

E-mail: alfoxx at
Wow, dude. Happy days are here again. That's a pretty cool thing to be happening so suddenly. i hope your marriage ends up to be living proof that all things work together for good to those who love God.
Al Foxx

Rupeni Seru from USA wrote on May 13. 2004, 14:43:

E-mail: nukuloaseru63 at
Congratulation for the good news. "" BULA VINAKA"". Welcome to the family of God.HOpe to see your wife in church. Tell your wife ,we love her.
Someone said this " When a man has a wife he must behave,because it is a God's gift". Have a happy lifetime in your marriage forever more. Amen!
We love you
The Seru Family
Rup,Millie & Mary

Rupeni Seru from USA wrote on May 13. 2004, 14:42:

E-mail: nukuloaseru63 at
Congratulation for the good news. "" BULA VINAKA"". Welcome to the family of God.HOpe to see your wige in church. Tell your wife ,we love her.
Someone said this " When a man has a wife he must behave,because it is a God's gift". Have a happy lifetime in your marriage forever more. Amen!
We love you
The Seru Family
Rup,Millie & Mary

Tom and Mary O'Haver and family from USA wrote on May 13. 2004, 14:23:

E-mail: tcohaver at
Congratulations and may God bless your life together!!!

Laura Shaffer from USA wrote on May 13. 2004, 12:12:

E-mail: holyprincesswarrior at
Congratulations!! I had no idea something so wonderful was happening in your life. Oh, and if Carmelita needs a cell group to belong to, I would love to have a strong warrior like her in my group. Welcome to our church family, Carmelita. I know you are going to fit in well here.

Robert Ricciardelli from USA wrote on May 13. 2004, 01:14:

E-mail: Robert at
Bless you Brother,
What a blessed wife for a blessed husband!