June 19, 2004

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June 19, 2004 Ceremony
by Pastor Chito Cordero of Word Int'l Church L.A.

Carmi and I were under much stress and pressure just prior to the wedding. There were many last minute details to take care since just prior to the ceremony we were living in different states. On the Thursday before the wedding, we had to take Vickie (who did our flowers) to the emergency room. Praise God she was discharged on Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning she did a wonderful job of decorating and making the bouquets with help from friends.

Pastor Chito did a great job of officiating the wedding. He shared some valuable truths. There was a moment during the wedding when there was the strong presence of God. Pastor Chito made the comment that he had never sensed such a strong presence before in any wedding he has performed. Both Carmi and I say thank you to our Lord for His special blessing upon our marriage. It was evident to all that our marriage was divinely appointed by our Heavenly Father.

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