May 20, 2004

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Rich & Carmi were married on May 20, 2004
by Pastor Andy Gaor of the Philippines


Pamamanhikan Pictures
(Event where groom meets family and asks bride's father permission to marry daughter)

Carmi's father (Rufino) giving us counsel


Mr. Abdon Afanes
Mrs. Jeanette Gaor
Mrs. Tras Afanes

Mrs. Afanes is Carmi's mother's cousin and has been like a mother to Carmi since the death of Carmi's mother a year ago.


Vicki (Carmi's good friend) and Pastor Andy and Jeanette Gaor

Wedding Pictures

Christopher bringing rings

Exchanging rings

Ask Rich or Carmi about the 'kissing story'

Carmi sharing her love to father

Rich and Carmi presented to attendees
I included Dad because of the joy he expressed

Carmi's Father giving blessing

Wedding Attendees

I, Richard, along with Carmi, on the wedding day, was able to spend a few hours with Pastor Andy and his wife Jeanette. It was a very good visit. I now know why it was so important to Carmi that Pastor Andy marry us before the large wedding ceremony in June-see update. Pastor Andy and Jeanette have been very good spiritual parents to Carmi.

It was very important to Vicki for flowers to be at the wedding even if there was just a few people. I appreciate her persistence. The flowers were beautiful and created a great atmosphere.

Carmi continuously feels that Rich is the man that she was waiting for to come into her life.

Over and over again it has become very evident to me that God is using Carmi to help fulfill the promise of Joel 2:25 (NASB) in my life.
"Then I will make up to you for the years
That the swarming locust has eaten,
The creeping locust, the stripping locust, and the gnawing locust,..."

As I continue working on this site I want to say I LOVE YOU Carmelita. You are truly a gift of God to me. And now you are my wife even if we must delay being together until the June Ceremony. You will soon have another chance to receive a kiss from me the 'right way'. J

 I love you my Su-gar Coo-kie.

June 19 Ceremony Pictures

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