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Carmi and I have seen the Lord's hand in our relationship from the very beginning. Many say that opposites attract, that certainly has been the case in our relationship.

Marriage Goals
I had no intention of getting married again unless it was very obvious that God had a 'surprise' for me. (It is obvious that Carmi was that surprise. If I am totally honest, deep down I did want to get married again-so praise God for the surprise).

Carmi has never been married and her goal was to get married. She was not interested in having boyfriends, but one special man who she knew would be her husband.


Even though we both had opposite goals in regards to marriage, there was one goal that we had in common. We both knew that if we ever got married, we wanted spouses who were totally committed to the Lord Jesus, to each other, and committed to reaching the lost and hurting.

Character Traits
Rich at times errors towards being too assertive, confrontational, and 'talking too much'. Whereas Carmi at times errors towards being too passive, avoiding all conflicts, and being silent.

What is great about our relationship is we both see our individual flaws and are very open to allow God to bring balance in our lives. Instead of seeing our differences as obstacles we see them as opportunities to grow in Jesus.

Both of us are very compassionate and have a strong burden for the lost and hurting. We will 'go the extra mile' for individuals.

We may have some differences, but we are in total agreement in regards to living a godly, submissive life to each other and to God. We are committed to serving Jesus Christ with our entire life, living according to the Word of God, and being a man and woman of integrity. We are absolutely committed to be married until death, regardless of what challenges we may face. We are committed to be vessels of honor for our Lord and Savior. We are committed to having a romantic marriage even when we are 'old'.

Some of you may be wondering what is going to happen with Rich's ministry, The Hill for Jesus. Carmi completely understands and accepts that God has called Rich to be a minister in Capitol Hill, Seattle. She believes her number one calling is to be supportive of Rich and the ministry. As we both minister to one another and those living on Capitol Hill we believe the ministry will expand greater than if Rich was not married.

Joel 2:25
"Then I will make up to you for the years, That the swarming locust has eaten,.
This is truly happening for Richard through his relationship with Carmelita.


Neither of us believe in dating, instead we believe in courtship. So, instead of dating several individuals, we believe you court the person you know is a potential mate. God will reveal who that person is without having to date several people to find out. We also believe that while courting there is no need to be physically intimate. So, we both decided our first kiss on the lips will be at the marriage ceremony. (It might be a long one) J
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