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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Carmi's pastor from the Philippines, Pastor Andy Gaor is currently in the U.S. and will be leaving the U.S. on May 25. For many years he has been her spiritual father. Carmi strongly desires for him to officiate our marriage and do our vows in his presence in Los Angeles. Because of the early date, many in the wedding entourage are not able to attend a wedding in May, so this was a small private marriage ceremony. Richard and Carmi were together in Los Angeles from May 20-May 24. Richard fly back to Seattle and Carmi continued to work in L.A. until our June ceremony.
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Saturday, June 19, 2004 3:00pm
June 19 Ceremony Pictures

This wedding ceremony included co-workers, friends, relatives, and the wedding entourage. Carmi's pastor from Los Angeles, Pastor Chito, officiated the wedding.

We had a buffet style Chinese food at the reception that was great. We were able to give everyone plenty of food to take home.

Some have wondered why we had two wedding ceremonies. Here are some explanations:


1. Carmi wanted Pastor Gaor to officiate our marriage and do our vows in his presence in Los Angeles. Because of the early date, many in the wedding entourage were not able to attend a wedding in May.


2. Carmi has never been married in 46 years and we want to have a special ceremony for her.


3. Those of Filipino heritage have a high regard for marriage and see it as one of the most important once-in-a-lifetime events. Something that has been lost in the American culture.


4. There are several individuals in L.A. and the San Jose area that are special to Carmi and we want a wedding ceremony and reception that will give them a chance to celebrate with us our new life together.


5. Many Filipinos have a civil ceremony and then the special large wedding ceremony. So what we are doing is common among Carmi's Filipino friends.


6. We did not have the funds in May to have a large wedding.

June 19 Ceremony Pictures

Originally our wedding was going to be on June 26, but Pastor Chito will be gone at that time. However special senior friends of Rich donated a vacation to Puerto Vallarta and it was scheduled based upon the June 26 wedding date. So our plan was to be married on June 19, stay a week in L.A., then go to Mexico for a week, and then fly to Seattle.

After contacting INS several times, Rich felt assured that everything would be ok for Carmi to travel to Mexico and return to the U.S.. However, many of Carmi's friends suggested that we not go to Mexico because of potential problems with Carmi reentering the USA. Also Carmi had a terrifying dream about this issue. Since Carmi would not be at peace while in Mexico, we cancelled our Mexico trip with much regret and heartache. Friends had donated the lodging and we were not able to get a refund to them.

We started our honeymoon in L.A. and finished it in the Seattle area. Rich became Carmi's personal tour guide. We went to the San Gabriel mountains in Southern California, visited Rich's mother, went to Huntington Beach, and then fly to Seattle. We toured Seattle via 'Ride the Duck' tours, went to Snoqualmie Falls, and spent 1-1/2 days touring Northern and Coastal Washington. The weather during our trips in Seattle was wonderful. Who says it rains in Seattle?

Honeymoon pictures

Saturday, August 21, 2004 3:00pm
Kirkland Assembly of God Church

This event will be for the friends of Richard to be able to celebrate with us our new marriage. It will also be a time for ministry. Many of the people that Richard ministers to on Capitol Hill will be invited to the reception.

We will have a short video/slide show of our Los Angeles wedding/reception/honeymoon. Then there will be a short church service where Richard will preach on the wedding feast of believers with Jesus at the end of the age. There will be a time for individuals to accept Christ, to vow to walk in sexual purity, and couples to make a recommitment to their spouse. Afterwards there will be a reception in the fellowship hall.

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